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Word problem (answer)

Let x=the amount invested at 5%.  Then the amount invested at 8% is $28,000-x.  (For instance, if she invested 11,000 at one rate, the remainder (17,000) is 28,000-11,000).   The 5% investment earns 25% as much As the 8% investment, so we can set up an equation that looks...


The height of the trees doesn't matter. the volume of a cylinder is (pi)(r^2)(h) (the area of the circle times the height).  For each tree, that's 17 squared (radius is half of the diameter) times 28 cubic inches, or 8,092 cubic inches.  That's a total of 32,368 cubic inches (since there...


Philosophy majors can probably skip this one, but for the other 99% of you…if you’re not thoroughly comfortable with the logical implications of conditional statements (“If P, then Q”), then stick around…they’re important on the LSAT, and particularly…the Logic Games. Surprisingly, there are many levels that pertain to conditionals, so, we’re going to take it from Square 1. From the Statement... read more