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I have been teaching Chinese for years. Recently I meet a brilliant young man, who has merely studied with me in a couple of weeks as a beginner, but has already showed incredible progress. He prepares before a lesson and does review. He grasps any chance to listen and to speak Chinese. He makes Chinese friends online to learn Chinese language as well as culture from them. I believe the strategy that I passed on to him works. When we met last week, he mentioned that he tried to watch a show on CCTVI but encountered huge difficulties. His question was why he could basically understand teachers and friends, but failed to understand a TV show. Also, he wanted to know what vocabulary level he has to reach in order to understand and use the language in real life. I wrote an email to response him, but when I had a second look of the email, it looks like a piece of empty philosophy. I decided that I would write something else to him, but keep it in my blog for it may have the merit as... read more

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