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After much consideration, I have found a combination of tools that allow electronic tutoring sessions to be as effective, if not more so, than in person sessions. The critical areas that are addressed are described below. 1) Being able to see the student -A critical element of tutoring is being able to pick up on non-verbal cues provided by the student. It is often the case that the mouth says "I understand" but the facial expression, or body language says "ummm, what!??" In addition to gauging understanding, non-verbal cues are critical to gauging how hard to push the student to synthesis the information on their own, and when to back off and just explain the answer. I have started using "Go To Meeting" which costs me ~$50/month out of pocket, but provides superior (to Skype/ G Chat) video and audio quality. This software also allows efficient sharing of screens so that I can follow the students work in real time, which leads to the... read more

I've decided to start posting some of my musings on epistemology and pedagogy here for the benefit (or amusement ; ) of anyone interested to read on. This post is more of a reminder/ testimonial for those dealing with final exams. Coffee can only take you so far! Most people 'know' that exercise is good for them, however, not many seem to 'believe' this as judged by their actions. Take a break from studying and work up a good sweat. There are myriad benefits, including a boost in energy, reduction in stress and not to mention the extra glucose that gets pumped into your blood stream to feed your muscles (and to replenish glycogen stores post workout) also happens to be the preferred fuel for --- you guessed it, your brain! My particular poison is running. I have found it to be so helpful with my academic life, that I make time to run ~ 40 miles per week, and am currently training for my first ultra-marathon, the Tejas Trails 50K in Bandera Tx -Jan 12-13 2012 {and yes the... read more

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