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Mis-defining a problem is a guarantee that solutions to it will invariably fail. Yet, in the name of politics and political correctness, we have consistently misdefined the problem of educating Americans as one of fixing the schools. But in most cases the schools aren't broken. This is proven by the fact that every year for the past six decades and longer, students as old as thirteen have entered the American school system speaking no English and consistently graduated at the top of their classes. They then go on to eventually graduate from the most prestigious universities in our land. If there really were fundamental flaws in our educational system these students, who enter our schools with so many strikes against them, should be bound to fail. Yet, instead they succeed and in very high numbers. The sad truth is that for the most part the American school system works. American students for the most part do not. Foreign students succeed here because they work consistently... read more

The American public school system works better than most Americans think. For example, recently there was an article in my local paper about a student who arrived from Taiwan knowing no English at the age of thirteen. He graduated successfully enough from high school to attend M.I.T. on a scholarship, and has now become a Rhodes’ Scholar. If the U.S. school system were as bad as it is usually painted to be, then students coming from foreign nations speaking no English would never be able to succeed. Yet, they consistently do. When we ask, “Why do these foreign students, who often enter the American school system with such linguistic deficits, succeed far beyond most who are born here and grow up speaking English?” there is only one answer to be found. These foreign students (and often their entire families) apply themselves to their school assignments in a way inconceivable to most Americans. Therefore, I am forced to conclude that often the American school system really works,... read more

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