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At a recent Christmas party, a quick headcount told me that five of my 25 guests had been laid off or fired in the preceding few months — a 20 percent unemployment rate. Heads bowed, uncomfortably quiet, all were despondent about the job market. It got me thinking back to the circumstances that led to my career as a private tutor. I’d been unemployed once too, back in 2003, after mercifully losing a job in a toxic office environment. The next morning, I’d sat up in bed, blinked twice, and saw four glorious words floating before my eyes: Multiple streams of income. My new mantra. No longer would I be subject to the whims of a single person. My philosophy would be, as investment planners say, to diversify and hold. If you’ve never tried it, finding two part-time jobs is a lot easier than finding one full-time job. And since education was one field I had so far resisted — after stints in journalism, real estate, a dot-com, and the movie business — I applied for and landed... read more

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