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Last year, there was a girl student from San Jose Mission School having trouble with geometry. She started taking lessons from me during the middle of the academic year because she was struggling with geometry proofs. Immediately after beginning, I told her some important points/hints about proofs in geometry and suggested her to write at least one proof daily. She listened to my advice and wanted to work on it, but somehow was not able to make it a practice since proofs are difficult. Then I started calling her daily at around 7:00 PM reminding her about doing one proof each day. She had no other alternative but to do the same. This helped her a lot. After continuous follow-up, she started writing one proof on a daily basis. Soon, she became a master of geometry and started getting A's on her tests!

In 2007, there was a Geometry student at Challenger School. He was indeed a bright student, but he made careless mistakes. Hence he couldn’t secure a good score in the tests/examination. Immediately after I started tutoring him, I tried to find out the cause of his careless mistakes. I was able to figure out that it was due to two reasons: 1) Skipping steps 2) Lack of self-confidence I initiated the following steps to address these issues: 1) To get over the habit of skipping steps, I made sure that he wrote each and every step of the solution. It took him some time to get over his old habit of skipping steps. But he was motivated, so he got over this weakness and soon started to get better grades. This automatically improved his self-confidence. 2) I gave him customized work sheets for extra practice and mastery in the subject. This practice added to his score. He and his parents were very impressed. I prepared... read more

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