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In this post I will introduce the ever versatile Op-Amp. It is a tiny rectangle approximately 1 cm by 1cm by 0.5 cm in dimension. If you do robotics or anything electrical, you will rely heavily on this thing. What it can do: --------------------- An op-amp is your tool for the following: - amplifying a small signal (e.g. in microphones, electric guitars, and many measurement devices) - cleaning a signal (removing annoying noise) - creating a signal - distorting or modifying a signal for cool effects (like guitar FX pedals, or equilizers) It can do more true, but this is why we learn about it. You need to understand: ------------------------------- its an amplifier, the difference in voltage between two points in amplified by a very large amount. The operational amplifier, achieves what it does by feedback: suppose that node "A" is at 1 volt, and node "B" is 0, and so amplification is 1,000,000x (so the output... read more

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