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Today I did a lesson with a young lady from Mount Vernon who was in danger of being left behind. We have been working together for the past few months. She struggled with Math, and had failed several tests, so of course, her mother was very concerned. Well, today the girl announced to me very proudly that she was one of only two students, out of 21, who passed her Math test with an 85! The other student that passed was her best friend. So, 19 kids failed the Math test, and my student did excellent on it! This girl had a fear of Math, but now she is very much looking forward to her Math sessions, and her Math class. She said that now she knows she can get the answers right, so she is not afraid of it anymore! YEAH!

What is the probability that my students maintain a 90 average? Very good, I must say. I just got word from three of my students that they got a 90, 100 and a 93 on their QUIZZES! My first student had gotten grades in the 30's before tutoring with me, so a 90 and a 100 is a huge improvement! My last student had gotten 47 before tutoring with me, and scores in the 30's, and he recently got a 93! Way to go! No matter what the subject, the results are consistent!. Still making a difference!

Everyone who is taking the SAT this October can use a tutor to improve their strategy, and skills. I have tutored high level students who wanted to be even better, and my methods are proven to increase your score. For those students that struggle with test taking, in general, I can simplify the process, and teach you what to look for, so you can do the best on your test. Having confidence is 50% of what creates your results. So whether you need help with reading, writing skills for the PSAT, SAT, or any other exam like the GED, ASVAB, or TOEFL, I have proven to be an effective teacher.

Tutoring students is a lot of hard work. You have to make the schedule, and fit everyone else's schedule into your own. Recently I began tutoring a first year college student at Manhattanville College and he had no idea what to expect in regards to work load, pace, or level of difficulty. He was overwhelmed because he has Religion/Philosophy/Ethics, History, and Environmental Geography, plus Computers. His mother ask me to help him get organized and, that when I came into the picture. I received a wonderful email today from her thanking me for for all my hard work. She said, "Wow! I'm very impressed by your organization, finding easier information, and breaking things down into smaller pieces for my son. He felt really good about himself afterward, seeing that he can understand the material and focus." Making a difference is what its all about!

I am writing to welcome back all my old students, and the new ones! Its going to be a great year, if we work on it. I encourage parents to work with a tutor early on, so that their children don't fall behind. Its always better to stay ahead of the pack, than being reactive when something goes wrong. Every child can improve their perception, confidence, skills, and know-how if they work with a good tutor. Looking forward to helping everyone achieve their goals.

I just passed the 3,000 hour mark with WYZANT!!! Thank you to all my wonderful students, parents, friends, teachers, and WYZANT for your support!! The more I learn, the more I realize there is sooooo much more to learn! I hope my students feel the same! I've enjoyed almost every one of the 3,000 hours, to say the least! But, most of all, I know in my heart that I am making a difference for those that cross my path! Thank you, all!

Can tutoring be fun or is it something else? I was working this week with a 4th grader who has some ADD issues, and he can be quite distracted sometimes. I noticed that I was able to get him to do all his homework on time, and he even wanted to know if I had anything to read in my "bag." I told him that I had another student to go to, so as his MOM watched from behind him, he answered me, "Can you come to help me with my homework EVERYDAY? He turned around to his MOM, and said, "MOM, I didn't know that tutoring could be so much fun! Can Lisa stay at our house all the time, in case I have a question about my homework?." The look on his Mother's face was priceless! So, again, I make the lessons fun, and the kids look forward to them.

I have been tutoring a High School teen who dropped out of High School. His parents said that he is working in construction, but they want him to pass his GED, and then go on to College. The first day I met him, I asked him why he wanted to get his GED. He said that he wanted to pass his driving test, but could not read the questions and get them right. This week, I had him read a book about a ZOO that these soldiers were trying to save, and he was so inspired by the book, that he read for two-hours straight, without a break!! I told him that he did not have to read the whole book, or chapter, but he said, I want to find out what happens next. He insisted on reading more and more, and I had to tell him that the session was almost over. When I was walking to my car, he escorted me, and I told him that it was awesome that he had read the book. He said that he felt good about it, and it was, "Thanks, to me" that he is more motivated than ever!.

When I was a student at New York University, I got A's is my Philosophy, Linguistics, Sociology and Marketing classes (among others). I really liked learning how people learn languages. It is so fascinating how languages developed and how we communicate in general. I also studied Czech language at the New School for Social Research in NYC. I also traveled all over Europe and spent time in the Mediterranean speaking Spanish with the Spaniards.

I was teaching a 4th grader the meaning of some vocabulary words, and I gave him a sentence as an example. The word was, "reign" and my sentence was, "The King reigns over his land." I asked Serigne if he understood the meaning of the word, and he responded, "I don't speak Medieval!" We both burst out laughing. I told him that I was going to post this on the blog because it was soooo clever!! His mother told me that he later said that he never thought that tutoring could be so much fun!!! She mentioned to me that he had a tutor before, but not like me! I promise that you will have fun during the lesson, and I mean it.

Everyone taking the SAT this October can use a tutor to improve their strategy, and skills. I have tutored high level students who wanted to be even better, and my methods are proven to increase your score. For those students that struggle with test taking, in general, I can simplify the process, and teach you what to look for, so you can do the best on your test. Having confidence is 50% of what creates your results. So whether you need help with reading, writing skills for the SAT, or any other exam, I have proven to be an effective teacher.

I was tutoring a young boy many years ago who was in the 6th grade and was reading at the 3.4 level. His teachers told his parents that they did not know how he could have gotten into 6th grade reading at such a low level and he was NOT going to get promoted into 7th grade being so deficient. Once, I gave him a spelling test of 20 words for his grade level and he got every one of them INCORRECT. "He cannot spell for beans," said his teacher in an email to me. I started to work with him twice per week, in writing, spelling, grammar, and just sounding out words. He told his parents that he liked to work with me, because my lessons were fun, and he learned many things. He said that he liked the materials I brought because he could ask me questions on the spot, and they were interesting to read. After several months of steady tutoring, he took his ELA test, and he told me that he got a 97 score! That was almost a perfect score for a boy who could not tell the difference... read more

They say that Spanish is going to be the language to learn. I am seeing that people of all cultures, and social status are wanting to learn it. For those that don't know me, I am fluent in Spanish. I have lots of experience teaching young children, high schoolers, and curiosity seekers. So, if you want to learn Spanish, this is the time to do it. This way, when someone says to you....."Hasta la vista....." you will know what they are talking about. Muy bueno.....nos vemos!!

I am so proud to say that I have reached a MILESTONE with WyzAnt!! I already have tutored over 2,000 (TWO-THOUSAND) HOURS!!!!! It is amazing the number of long time students who I have helped and new students are coming on board every week. I really enjoy tutoring everyone, from little kids, to PHD's, to College Students, to those who need to pass their GED! So, thank you all for allowing me to share my expertise and make a difference for all! Lisa G

I have been tutoring more and more students for the GED and I just love it! I think that the GED math is the most practical, and functional math you can learn. I love doing fractions, decimals, word problems, basic algebraic expressions, and figuring out the answers! When I was in High School, I was on the MATH TEAM! How I got on the MATH TEAM, I don't recall. I wasn't as good in math as I was in Social Studies, or Languages. But, I remember quite a few times when I got the correct answer and our TEAM beat the other school, because of my help! I really enjoy math now, more than ever before. I love to show students fractions, decimals, exponents, integers, and how to manipulate the numbers. I often show students short cuts that I came up with over the years. There is nothing like teaching someone and watching their eyes light up, when they get the trick, or idea that I just showed them. Teaching is so much fun! You never know where you can take your students. They... read more

Over the years of tutoring I have heard the most amazing things coming from the students I have taught. One little boy in Kindergarten said, "My Daddy thinks he is the Boss, but really my Mommy is the Boss!". Another little boy in the first grade said, "I really like my teacher, but my mommy thinks I don't." But the best ones are when the children show their love or appreciation towards me. Last week, I was tutoring this second grader, and she said, " Lisa, I really like doing my math homework with you. I could do it by myself, but I like it when we do it together." Another girl said, "Lisa, can you come and help me with my English homework everyday? You make homework fun." I'm never afraid to ask you a question because I know that you can always explain to me in a way that I can understand it. I can't do that with my teacher." And many times, the students express that they wish that I would be their teacher. They say, "Why can't our... read more

When I got asked to tutor an engineer that needed help with the Spanish Language, I felt good about it, because I knew that I could do it since I am a native speaker. He travels extensively to South America and he grew up in Arkansas and lived in Texas most of the time. I know engineers like to follow systems, and sometimes when I do my lessons, the system goes according to the learning process. So, I knew that it would take a lot more preparation time to get the student engaged, since he is a high level executive for a Major US Corporation. Our first lesson got off to a great start, as Charlie plays guitar and I have always been into singing and music. What really was incredible was when during one of the lessons, I saw a lightbulb go off on top of Charlie's head. He said, "Thank you, thank you so much, for putting all these things in the right classification, and for teaching me Spanish in a way that I can remember it." I knew then that I found the correct system... read more

When I first met Joel, he was 5 years old and could not tell the difference between the letters,  B, Z, T, A or R.  His teacher told his mother that he was going to be held back unless he learned to write full sentences, and also learn how to count.   Joel is a joyous child who loves to speak, tell stories, and will yell in your ear at the top of his lungs.  He loves Spiderman and likes to tell me be careful because bugs will bit me.   Some days I called him the wild horsey, and he learned to calm down when I would promise him little presents if he did his lesson. We started with just the letters, and I used songs to get him to follow me during the lessons.  From letters he went onto short one or two syllable words.  After a few months, his teacher was noticing some tremendous improvement in class, and asked what she was doing with him.  I am happy to say that this week, Joel's teacher and the school have decided to promote... read more

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