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Every person has their specialties - whether it's music, math, drawing, languages, cooking, sports, karate - or several things! As you watch kids grow up and discover their specialties ... you notice they put more time into skills they are good at. But as people practice, they don't just get better at the skill. They get better at getting better at that skill. They don't just get curious and ask more questions - they discover what are more important questions to ask. Even in High School math, I find that the more math I do, the more I understand. And eventually, work and practice regularly turn into play. My math tutoring sessions are filled with moments that are pure play. Moments of noticing something, being surprised by something ... ... whether it's an equivalence in two different areas of math, or something unusual in my students' thinking. This is a beautiful thing - and beauty is something mathematicians are fond of, too.

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