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When I think of the holidays, I get that warm fuzzy feeling. I think of time slowing down temporarily, moments becoming more palpable and frozen images of smiling faces. I think of everyone a little bit friendlier, a little more relaxed, and a bit more human. I think of coziness and layers, and hot chocolate by the fireplace. I think of the bear bulking up for the winter and thus justify that extra piece of pumpkin pie. I think of the stress of the unmerciful day-to-day marathon of life giving way to the pressure of gift-finding and, if applicable, familial tension, which is so much more interesting anyway. Whether or not you celebrate the actual “holidays”, the season is considered an opportune time to reflect on the year that has oftentimes passed so quickly and to look forward to the one just around the corner. But I believe it should also be a time to stop. Stop looking behind you or at what’s in front of you. Stop stressing. Stop running. Stop allowing life to whiz by unfairly... read more

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