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Hello everyone, I've been a bit lagging on blogging, but it's for good reasons. So many of you have been so productive this summer that you have me running circles to keep your lessons in order! It's a lot of work but I love my job. It's so great to see you grow so much in just a few weeks. Remember, not everyone advances at the same pace in every topic but you are unique and must embrace your strengths as well as your challenging areas. To my math students, all of you have improved your high reasoning skills so much that I've had to use some of my most advanced tools that I have not had to use since I was in school. By the time you start your next school semester, it will seem like a breeze because you are better prepared than ever! To my writing students, you didn't think you could do it, huh?! Ha ha! Well, I got you didn't I?! During the beginning of our intense writing lessons I could see you cringe when it was time to write a 1st draft in 25 minutes without... read more

To ALL Science Students: The Google Science Project is due on April 4th and is open to students around the globe between the ages of 13 through 18. If you are interested in getting help from someone with scientific research experience, email me today. I'll help you refine your project and guide you through every step. Google the "Google Global Science Fair 2011" to learn more about prizes and guidelines. Email this amazing opportunity to your school teachers and friends! Your Math and Science Tutor, Yvonne H.

Have you ever been in class and just can't seem to understand what the teacher is talking about? The content seems so abstract to you that you don't even know how to take notes for this. Most of us have been in that situation. However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that we can still be productive learners even though it sounds like the teacher is speaking Martian! I'm going to try to outline what happens to most of us and what we can do differently to improve our success in that challenging course. When we don't understand the subject, our mind wants to withdraw and avoid this difficult situation. This actually happens even in our personal lives. In class, the student tends to start doodling, texting, staring confoundedly at the teacher, and sometimes even falling asleep while sitting up holding our pen to the paper! We are doing just about everything we can at our desk, except for TAKING NOTES. Now you are probably asking, "How can I take notes... read more

Determine the truth value and state why. For all x, there exists a y: x=y² hmmm? If you have worked with me, then you know what I'm going to say. Let's rewrite this to help our visual memory. Since most of us are accustomed to seeing the "y" on the left-hand side of the equations, let's write this: from: For all x, there exists a y: x=y² to: For all x, there exists a y: y²=x Solution: y²=x sqrt(y²) = sqrt(x) y = sqrt(x). For this to be true, then x must be only non-negative integers. Therefore, our original statement is false. You can also let x=2 and clearly show that the statement is false.

Why does "carrying" work in addition? I've been asked this many times from my most inquisitive students. Grab a pencil and paper and follow me... We'll work on a simple example. If you want to try a more complex example, just post your question to this post. On your piece of paper write this: 35 +47 If you already know how to add this, go ahead and complete the problem. Your answer should be 82, and you should have carried a 1 over the tens place. So why does this “carrying” method work?! Do you agree that: 35 = 30 + 5, and that 47 = 40 + 7? Yes, right? Do you agree that 5 + 7 = 12? Of course, right?! So we can write the following: 35 + 47 = 30 + 5 + 40 + 7 = 30 + 40 + 5 + 7 = 30 + 40 + 12 (here we are substituting 5 + 7 for 12) = 30 + 40 + 10 + 2 (by substituting 12 for 10 + 2) Now we... read more

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