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Learning French is not difficult, French is fun. Don't give up! Learning French as a child or as an adult is not the same thing but it not more difficult as an adult, it is just different. As a child it is easier to pick up the language intuitively, without having to be taught grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. As an adult we tend to learn a language by comparing with our native language, we look for the similarities and for the differences. Often we want to know why something is said a certain way in the new language, it could help a lot, except sometimes when it is "that's just the way it is"! Adults are motivated because, most of the time, we choose to learn a language for some reasons, such as travel, work, interest, and being interested in learning a language it is more than useful, it is very helpful. Let me give you some tips: Daily learning Try to make a habit of spending at leaat 15 minutes a day learning and / or practicing your French. Listening... read more

Their young, musical voices are still echoing in my ears. Once there were two beautiful, smart and polite children, living in a sophisticated home that was filled with love, culture and elegance. I was teaching them about France, French language and French culture, and sometimes good manners... Very soon I saw signs of distress in their eyes. When they were unfocused, lazy or losing interest, I tried to make them think and to make learning fun. They lacked motivation and each lesson became more and more challenging. They were very motivated by singing songs. Singing was a kind of reward at the end of the lesson and they were looking forward to that, to sing their songs, to practice their five minutes of good manners. They not only looked forward to this practice but they also begged me for it. "Miss Nelly, did we have good manners today?" "Is it time for the song?" and I always tried to give them more than just a French lesson. Four days before... read more

Use French whenever and wherever you can. Even if some ideas might sound silly, at this point it is good to just show you how you can easily introduce French into EVERYDAY situations. Thinking about French everyday will help you to learn how to think in French. 1) Frenchify your home and office! Surround yourself with French Make French labels for your furniture Make French labels for your appliances Make French labels for your rooms at home Make French labels for your walls Buy or create French posters Use a French calendar... 2) French FIRST! Make French the first thing you see when you connect on internet. Set something French as your browser's home page, such as my French blog or The Mot du jour. 3) Practice your French If you know people who speak French, practice with them. Better register for French Lessons with WYZANT! When you go out to a restaurant with friends, pretend you are in Paris, in front of the... read more

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