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It's time to look ahead and plan your weekends.  You can still register for the September test this week.  This information is found on the ACT website.  Do you need a course of study to get ready for the ACT?  I offer personalized study plans to motivated students, so that you can get going the right direction, on your timeline, even if you decide not to use a tutor.   Test Date: September 13, 2014 Registration Deadline:  August 8, 2014 (Late Fee Required):  August 9–22, 2014   Test Date: October 25, 2014 Registration Deadline: September 19, 2014 (Late Fee Required): September 20–October 3, 2014   Test Date: December 13, 2014 Registration Deadline: November 7, 2014 (Late Fee Required): November 8–21, 2014   Test Date: February 7, 2015* Registration Deadline: January 9, 2015 (Late Fee Required): January 10–16, 2015   Test Date: April 18, 2015 Registration... read more

I have been on my bicycle a few times this spring, but yesterday I took my first serious ride (without the 9-year-old). It felt so great. I was absolutely in my "happy place." I am a busy person, often looking to "kill two birds with one stone," so it got me thinking... How can I work biking into the rest of the summer? I started to calculate how many days a week I could bike to work, which regular errands I could do by bike instead of by car, what routes I would like to explore, who I know that might want to bike with me. My thoughts were rolling with the tires, so soon I was on to thinking about any activities I could do outside, and what could be combined without sacrificing mindfulness. Languages! I thought. Riding bike with a friend, I can talk. There's no reason I couldn't do it in French or Spanish instead of English. The same with taking walks, hanging out in parks, playing games outside with kids, and so on. A couple of summers ago I taught Spanish... read more

Summer is a good time to prep for the ACT. The pace can be regular but relaxed, there's time to cover all subject areas, and practice tests can be spaced out. You can get results from the September ACT just in time for most early decisions! Upcoming ACT Dates: September 8, 2012 (register by 8/17/12) October 27, 2012 (register by 9/21/12) December 8, 2012 (register by 11/2/12) Upcoming SAT Dates: October 6, 2012 (register by 9/14/12) November 3, 2012 (register by 10/5/12) December 1, 2012 (register by 11/6/12)

This week I am wrapping up ACT prep for two students who are taking the ACT for the first time this Saturday. It's an exciting time for me; I feel good about how well-prepared they are, and anxious to see their results in a few weeks. These two students happen to be in Florida; I tutor them online via Skype and an interactive whiteboard. I have tutored one-on-one in person, too, and I would love to have some local hybrid students, to meet in person and do some of our tutoring using technology. Anyway, I have my last lesson this evening with the most thorough student I have ever had. He has taken at least 8 practice tests over the past 3 month! I am so impressed with his commitment. His scores have been consistently, but slowly, improving. I like ACT prep tutoring because I get to teach 4 different subjects, but I think my students are most impressed with my help on English and reading-- I am a vigorous vocabulary-promoter!

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