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Almost midway through the previous spring semester, I received an e-mail from a mother whose daughter was enrolled in a statistics for public relations course at the University of Texas at Austin. After having failed the first examination, her daughter saw little hope of passing the course (this was her second attempt; she had taken it during the previous term but to no avail). I contacted both the mother and daughter to mention that I would do all possible to help. I began working with the daughter a week later; I helped with such tasks as online homework and her instructor's study problems. As I did so, I had a couple of concerns. One was that her notes and work were not well-organized; she often had difficulty following what she did from step to step. I assisted her in managing this via demonstrating sample problems and outlining each step; I had her do likewise by assigning her several of my problem sets to complete as additional practice. Furthermore, I gave her advice on better... read more

From now until November 30th, I am promoting a very special offer. New clients will be able to book sessions with me at an hourly rate of $30.00 (lowered from my current $45.00 hourly rate). The purpose is to attract new customers, enable them to experience how I operate as an instructor, and allow them to gauge their comfort levels with both my teaching style and me. However, the offer becomes more attractive: Clients who schedule lessons with me during the aforementioned time frame have the option of locking in this rate for future sessions! I anticipate that slots will fill quickly, so please do not delay in reserving a space. If there are any questions, then please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly. Remember, to receive this special deal, sessions must be booked before November 30th. I hope to hear from and, more so, work with you!

I had an English composition instructor who had the following writing philosophy: "One should break free from conventions and discover his or her own writing voice." I have a very similar teaching philosophy: "One should break from traditional learning methods, experiment with various techniques, and find and tailor those that best suit his or her cognitive capability and learning style." I consistently employ this philosophy in sessions with my clients; in fact, my responsibility as a teacher is to help students accomplish this mission (by making them think; quite a concept, huh?). I do so by probing their minds and asking them their thoughts on the problems at hand (i.e., I ask them what procedures they would use to solve them); this enables assumption of the instructor’s role. I provide necessary assistance along the way; this prevents me from doing all the speaking. This, moreover, fosters thoughts of alternative avenues to reach the same destination. Additionally,... read more

As part of the WyzAnt community, I am honored to serve Austin's students. The students take their education rather seriously and want to receive maximum benefits from it. Their dedication to success, tenacity in their studies, and willingness to work hard greatly pleases me and drives me to provide the best possible instruction to aid in their endeavors. I always attempt to demystify the complexities of students' lesson materials but simultaneously keep them challenging and interesting. Furthermore, I push them to put forth the best possible effort, to think outside of the box, and discover their true capabilities by asking questions along the way; by the same token, I encourage them to ask me questions. This enables me to determine how to tailor my teaching styles to best suit their learning styles; moreover, it enables them to learn from and about me; I also learn from and about them. Most importantly, my detailed explanations and reviews during subsequent lessons make a difference... read more

I worked with a LBJ magnet student in his AP Calculus class this past year. I began working with him towards the end of the previous year. Two weeks prior to the end of the first semester, I received an E-mail message from his mother who was worried that he would fail the course. I started working with him several days later to prepare him for his final examination; I helped him review his previous test questions and review problems over the next several days. At semester's end, his mother E-mailed me to mention that he passed the six-week term with a low B and the semester with a low C. I was rather pleased with this, and it was quite an accomplishment considering that the previous six-week periods were not terribly stellar. This student was not dim; he simply needed a self-confidence boost and someone to teach him the material with compassion and patience. His instructor provided somewhat inadequate instruction, and this contributed majorly to his initially low marks and poor performance... read more

I have decided to promote a special offer to attempt to attract more clients. I am offering an introductory rate of $30.00 per hour for new WyzAnt clients; this offer is applicable to the first session only. It will enable students to experience my teaching style and to gauge their comfort level with me as both a teacher and a person. Furthermore, clients can see how my sessions are typically structured and how they can attain maximum learning and productivity. This offer is good through September 15th; reserve your spot today. If there are any questions, or for further information (including course specialization and availability), please either view my profile or contact me directly.

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