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Now is the time to be thinking about mid-terms. To prep for mid-terms and finals, get a 3-ring binder notebook per subject. Don't mix subjects or you will confuse yourself. Have tabs for notes, homework assignments, review, quizzes and tests and action items. Action items should include anything like notes of what you have due such as homework or upcoming tests, questions you have for your teacher or tutor, study schedule for upcoming tests and quizzes and, if you are taking an AP class, have your AP test plan and schedule there, too. One huge tip I will leave you with is an easy way to retain information. It is guaranteed to result in your never having to cram again. Do homework so you are working for an hour, take a 15 minute break, study some more, take a break. Repeat. This will help you retain key information. But always make sure you are getting a good night sleep - at least 6 hours! I recommend the same routine with homework. On weeks you have a test, start this routine... read more

Nobody likes to cram. Try this tidbit to help you retain info. After class, during study hall, or in the evening, go over your class notes for the day. Make sure you can read your writing. Make sure you haven't missed any key concepts. If you think you have, text, email or call your classmate the same day. Once you have all the info, read your notes and highlight the key items. This will help you retain information, as well as organizing your notes, and give you a head start in test prep.

Now is the time I receive a lot of questions from prospective students and current students about the SAT. So here are my steps to achieve success with the SAT. 1. With any goal, you want to look at goal completion and move backward. With that I mean, say you want to take the SAT test on May 4, 2013, move back at least 3 months and that is the time you should start prepping for the test. In this example, you will need to commence your studying by February 1. 2. Go to, create a profile and sign up to take the test. Take a tour within the collegeboard website, as they have some great resources. 3. Did you purchase the official SAT study guide? You can purchase at Amazon or through the collegeboard website. 4. Take one of the practice tests in the back of the SAT book. That will give you a baseline idea... read more

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