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Hello Current Piano Students; This is my third year with my piano students who joined me in 2009. They recently had a winter recital in February. All of my newer students will receive a recital next year or sooner depending upon the skill level and preparation of all students for another recital. There are a few pictures upon my profile. I will post more of them later on in the month. The... read more

Star Wars by John Williams

Star Wars Theme played on a Korg N5 Ex Introduces students to the award winning theme song of Star Wars. This piece is amplified with the Korg N5 Ex effect Mast World.

John Williams "Princess Leia Theme" KORG N5EX

Played on a KORG N5EX with cool psychedelic effects. Gives students an idea of the creative potential of music with synthesizers. This particular sound is called Mast World. It has an amazing sustained sci fi effect on all music.