Trigonometric Identities Resources


I was working with a student today, and as we worked through the section in his book dealing with Trigonometric Identities and Pythagorean Identities, we stumbled across a problem that gave us a bit of trouble. The solution is not so complicated, but it sure had us stumped earlier.   The problem was presented as such:       Factor and simplify the following... read more


Reciprocal Identities Written by tutor Jeffery D. A brief summary The reciprocal of a term a/b is defined as b/a. If we let a = sin(x) and b = 1, and then take the reciprocal we obtain 1/sin(x). Similarly, if we let a = cos(x) and b = 1, and then take the reciprocal we obtain 1/cos(x). Recall that tan(x) is defined as sin(x)/cos(x). Taking the reciprocal we obtain cos(x)/sin(x)... read more


Pythagorean Identity: a non-technical explanation Written by tutor Jeffery D. Before you learn about trig identities, there are few things you need to know. No, really. As you have probably experienced when studying other maths, you know that math builds on itself. So, please take a moment to review these few concepts to be sure that you understand what they mean. Trust me on this, otherwise... read more