Spanish Pronouns Resources


I am a Spanish Native speaking person, I've being teaching since 1986, first English as a second Language and now Spanish as a second language.   Learning Spanish is fun. Spanish is a very versatile language, it is known to be a Roman Language, means it has it's roots from Latin. Did you know that English and Spanish have the same roots? And even though their grammar structure and... read more


Pronombres Posesivos (Possessive Pronouns) Written by tutor Dominic J. Possessive pronouns in English are words that provide a reference point to a prior sentence and also specify to whom the object of the reference point belongs to. For example, in English, we could have the following dialogue: Person 1: My dog is white with brown spots (Mi perro es blanco con manchas cafes... read more


Pronombres Personales (Personal Pronouns) Written by tutor Dominic J. Pronouns in general are words that are used to refer to someone or something without having to use that particular objects name over and over again. For example, “That is my baseball, can you give it to me so I can put it away?” instead of “That is my baseball, can you give me my baseball so I can put my baseball... read more