Spanish Prepositions Resources


In English we have 5 vowels orthographically(in spelling), but phonetically(in terms of speech sounds) there are 14 different vowel sounds! Spanish only has 5 vowel sounds! This can make it rather difficult for Spanish speakers to pronounce English words. For English speakers learning Spanish, this means that we have to narrow down our vowel pronunciations.  When it comes to pronunciation,... read more


I am a Spanish Native speaking person, I've being teaching since 1986, first English as a second Language and now Spanish as a second language.   Learning Spanish is fun. Spanish is a very versatile language, it is known to be a Roman Language, means it has it's roots from Latin. Did you know that English and Spanish have the same roots? And even though their grammar structure and... read more


Prepositions of Place (Preposiciones de Lugar): How and When to Use Them Written by tutor Dorothy P. Question: What's a preposition, anyway? Answer: Prepositions are words that effect (without describing as an adjective does) a noun or pronoun, normally preceding it. In other words, prepositions describe the relationship of people, places and things to the world. There are prepositions... read more