Rounding Numbers Resources


The two rules for rounding numbers are Round your numbers only once (in one step), and Round 5's to the nearest even digit -- up or down as needed.   Below I explain why.   In school they usually teach you to round all 5's up to the next digit. For example, 1.45 is rounded to 1.5, 1.65 is rounded to 1.7, 3.225 is rounded to 3.23, etc.   This is... read more


Rounding Numbers Rounding numbers is a good way to estimate about how much you have. Rounded numbers are not exact numbers, but they are close to the actual amount of something. For example, you might have $59.91 and say “I have $60” because $59.91 is very close to $60. So, it’s not the exact amount you have, but it’s close. You can round numbers to various place values, which is how it’s... read more