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Vinit, Vijay and Vikas are working .They are given this information: There are two numbers in range 1-1000 including both 1 and 1000. Both number can be same. Vijay is given sum. Vinit...


I should have done this in March. This year it took me 1 week (after work hours) to complete all the puzzles.  The last puzzle is NOT friendly to full time  shift employees (hint). There are only 2 right answers; one answer must be done during scheduled work hours and the other answer must be done after any normal person goes to bed at night (or early morning).   It's... read more

A curious mathematician noticed that his nine-digit Swiss bank account number used all of the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. Furthermore, the first two digits formed a number divisible by two, the...


I worked for several years as a Craft Specialist for a major retail chain.  Being allowed to use and demonstrate new products for the store gave me a wide knowledge of a variety of crafts and artistic hobbies.  I was also responsible for coordinating crafts with children, which as a teacher, was a win-win situation for me.  I also made it a point to tell parents the educational... read more


As a student myself, winter break is a time for relaxation, and unfortunately, to let many of the skills learned through a semester of college to slip away far more quickly than they were learned. I understand personally how easy it is to let one's brain grow dull over the winter break that we all look so forward to. So what are some ways to keep your brain sharp? And more importantly, what are... read more