Product Rule Resources


When you have to take the derivative of 2 variables being multiplied, we use the product rule. If we have f(x)g(x), the derivative will be:   (f(x)g(x))' = f(x)g'(x) + g(x)f'(x).   Now, the primes can be a little confusing when you are learning how to apply this for the first time, so lets denote the number 1 to f(x) and the number 2 to g(x), where 1 refers... read more


Rules for Differentiation Here is a list of general rules that can be applied when finding the derivative of a function. These properties are mostly derived from the limit definition of the derivative. Linearity Product Rule see product rule Quotient Rule see quotient rule Reciprocal Rule Chain Rule see chain rule


Product Rule Explanation It is not always necessary to compute derivatives directly from the definition. Several rules have been developed for finding the derivatives without having to use the definition directly. These rules simplify the process of differentiation. The Product Rule is a formula developed by Leibniz used to find the derivatives of products of functions. The Product... read more