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Ms. A. is brought into the hospital following an intentional overdose of a variety of prescription drugs. She is intubated, placed on a ventilator, and transferred to the intensive care. The following...


If English is your second language and you would like another pair of eyes to review your final research paper prior to submission, please contact me. I'm available online, via email, and for those graduate students located in Central Florida, in person. I've assisted many nursing professionals, whose second language is English, to achieve an A on a final research project. My experience includes... read more


Nursing school is much tougher than you think when you first start in a program. Often it can be an overwhelming experience - the exams are very different than you've previously taken. These exam questions are at a higher level - application of knowledge. Very little of the exams are direct recall/knowledge type questions. My tutoring sessions are intended to help nursing students understand concepts... read more

Mrs. B. is an overweight, 61-year-old, white female. Upon hospital admission, she had a severe right-sided headache, slurred speech, and some severe right-handed numbness with a weak hand grip on...

Heparin floor stock is provided as follows: Heparin 25,000 units in 0.45% NaCL 500 ml. Your patient is male, 65 years old and weights 78 Kg. The order reads to administer 18 units/kg/hr.   a,...

Ordered: Ampicillin 250 mg IM BID Available: Ampicillin 1 gm powder to be mixed according to the following directions: 1.8 mL diluent = 500 mg/mL. How many mL of reconstituted solution would you need...


Looking for a second pair of eyes to review your final research papers for this semester? Please review my profile and contact me. I have extensive experience working with ESL writers and I specialize in nursing school (through graduate level) research paper review. My schedule is flexible and I can coach any writer online as well as via email and in person.   With South University... read more


Hi!   If you are interested in a healthcare career, I definitely encourage you to pursue it! Don't let the fact that you may still be in high school or that you already may have a career in another field, stop you from exploring the possibilities in healthcare. If you want to succeed in the competitive environment surrounding most healthcare careers, academic preparation is very important... read more


When you are in nursing school, it often feels that you will never be able to learn enough, study enough, review enough, sleep enough! Be encouraged! You are learning valuable skills and activities that will provide you with a fulfilling career - don't give up.   Here are some suggestions for those times when you feel like it will never get better.   Speak to an trusted... read more

Blogs   I just wanted to share this article from regarding the schedule change of Hydrocodone and related medications from schedule III to schedule II. I feel that this is important information to share in order to protect the safety of our patients! Happy reading! :)   Ashley

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