Newton Resources


Important Force terms Force: A push or pull on an object resulting from an interaction with another object. Contact forces arise from direct contact between objects. In other words, objects must actually be touching Field forces require no contact (example: magnetism and gravity). Field forces do not require objects be touching one another. Net Force: In this... read more


Newton's Second Law of Motion Written by tutor R Bruce N. Newton defined one of the most important physics relationships ever. He found that when an external force acts on an object, then that object accelerates - and the rate of acceleration is proportional to the mass of the object. F=m*a If the force is in line with current motion then the object goes faster. If the... read more


Newton's First Law of Motion - aka Law of Inertia Written by tutor R Bruce N. So what is inertia? Inertia is the tendency all material has to take the low energy route and not change its state. If something is moving it will do so in a straight line and never stop unless something gets in the way. That's an outside force - could be a push, pull, obstacle, friction, air resistance, gravity,... read more


Gravitation Written by tutor Maria W. Gravitation is a universal phenomenon that describes the tendency of physical bodies to attract, or move toward each other. The gravitational force is responsible for keeping the Moon in orbit about the Earth, holding together the billions of stars in our galaxy, and most importantly, keeping you attracted to the Earth, safe from floating off into space... read more