Momentum Resources


This blog post will discuss some of the physics behind the things molecules do – as gases, liquids, or solids – and also get you thinking about the concepts momentum, kinetic energy, rate (of a physical molecular-scale process), and equilibrium constant (of a physical molecular-scale process). These may all sound like difficult, high-level ideas – but if molecules, which don’t have much in the... read more


Linear Momentum Written by tutor Sahel H. The more familiar form of Newton’s second law of motion states that the sum of forces exerted on an object equal the product of the mass of the object and it’s acceleration, However, this law is most generally written in the following form relating the net force on an object to the rate of change of the object’s momentum, The... read more


Angular Momentum Also known as Moment of Momentum and Rotational Momentum Written by tutor Bibhaw P. Often referred to as rotational equivalent of Linear Momentum. Angular momentum is a vector quantity. For an object rotating about an axis, angular momentum (L) is represented by a the product of the object’s Rotational Inertia (I) and its Angular Velocity (ω). L=Iω ⇒ I The... read more