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Lowest Common Denominator Resources


Since it's Thanksgiving week, let's think about pie for a second. No, not mathematical pi, just actual real edible pies. For Thanksgiving I'm in charge of making dessert, so I'll be bringing two pies, one pumpkin and one apple. Let's say that I sliced the apple pie into 12 pieces, and the pumpkin pie, since it held together better, into 18. Fast forward to the end of the evening... read more


How to Find Common Denominators If you are trying to add or subtract fractions with different denominators, you’ve come to the right place! In order to add or subtract fractions, we have to have common denominators. Sometimes, though, you’re given a problem that looks like this: Those are definitely not common denominators! In order to get the denominators the same, follow... read more


Expanding and Reducing Fractions Two things you might be asked to do are expand and reduce (or simplify) fractions. Expanding a fraction means making it "bigger" while reducing a fraction means making it "smaller." Expanding Fractions Expanding fractions means making them "bigger." For example, let's say you ate 3/8 of that pizza, but your friend... read more