Long Division Resources


Whenever math gives you an easy topic, take it and run with it! I am sometimes surprised by how many students struggle (really struggle) with factoring. That said, I always struggled with quadratics when I was in high school. And forgetting to move negative signs and decimals when simplifying (whoops!). Fortunately, I've gotten past that. My point is that even tutors and teachers start somewhere,... read more


Long Division with Remainders We’ve already practiced long division, but so far our answers have all come out even (in other words, our last subtraction problem ended in an answer of 0). However, sometimes our division problems will not come out evenly, and we will have another number (not 0) when we do the last subtraction problem. This leftover number is called a remainder, and it... read more


Division with Decimals Another type of division you’ll encounter is division with decimals in both the divisor and the dividend. It might look something like this: In this situation, you move the decimal place the number of spaces in the divisor until the decimal is at the end of the number; you move the decimal the same number of spaces in the dividend: this does NOT necessarily... read more


Long Division When starting division, you may be given simple division problems that you can do in your head, using mental math. Those problems would look like this: You would think to yourself, what number times 9 gives me 27? And your answer would be 3. However, eventually you will encounter bigger division problems that you cannot do using mental math. In these cases, you... read more