Spanish Lessons & Help

Welcome to the Wyzant Spanish Help Section! This section is a resource for students who are struggling with Spanish class – whether it’s Spanish grammar, conjugating verbs, or even recognizing false cognates. Explore the Spanish help section and be sure to let your favorite Spanish tutor know if you have any questions.

Grammar lessons

Do you need help telling the difference between direct and indirect objects? Need to know which interrogative words to use, and when? Check out our Spanish grammar section for help with pronouns, negative words, and more!

Still need help? Contact a Spanish tutor today!

Phrases lessons

Need help figuring out the specifics of the Spanish language, like when to use an accent mark? Do you know the difference between “por” and “para”? Read up on specifics of the Spanish language in our Spanish Phrases section.

Still confused? Talk to a Spanish tutor today!

Verb tenses lessons

The Spanish language has many verb tenses! Here, you’ll find specifics on when to use the preterite and imperfect, as well as how to use the subjunctive properly. Being able to use all of the tenses will greatly increase your ability to communicate in Spanish!

If you still need help using verb tenses, contact a Spanish tutor now.

Conjugating and using verbs lessons

Need a quick refresher on how to conjugate the present tense? Do you know how to conjugate and use reflexive verbs? Here, we’ll give you the basics as well as show you how to use ser and estar (and other tricky verb pairs) correctly.

If you still need help, you can email a Spanish tutor today.

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