Time is also a bit odd in its units. In both systems the units of less than a second are in the metric style with prefixes before the second, such as millisecond. Time units of more than a year are in a type of metric configuration because they are in multiples of ten (decades, centuries, millennia, etc). The dimension of time is messy for good reason. The more commonly used time units from day to year are all dependent upon the movement of the earth. The unit of 'month,' particularly if it is directly related to the moon, is useless as an accurate unit because it does not come out even in anything. Having sixty seconds in an hour and twenty-four hours in a day come about from the ease of producing mechanical clocks. (Is it time to switch to metric time? Consider ten hours in a day, one hundred minutes in an hour, and one hundred seconds in a minute. It would come out to almost the same length of second. I will let you do the math.)

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