Metric Prefixes As Factors Of Ten

+18exa E
+15peta P
+9giga G
+6 mega M
+3 kilo k
+2 hecto h
+1 deca da
-1 deci d
-2 centi c
-3 milli m
-6 micro µ
-9nano n
-12 pico p
-15 femto f
-18atto a

The above table includes only the commonly used metric prefixes. There have been some metric prefixes suggested for some of the exponents of ten not listed here, but they are not in common use, or are in use by only a small number of people for limited use. The prefix "myria-" (my or ma) as E4 is a good example. The word "myriad" means ten-thousand, so the prefix is well documented in language.

A Few Odd Metric Definitions

1 metric tonne = E3 kg1 mL. = 1 cc = 1 cm3
1 Ångstrom = E-10 m 1 cubic meter = 1000 L
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