A = l l V = l l l V = A lv t = d F = m a ( Fw = m g)
a = v/ta = d/t2P = F/AC V = n D = m/V (D =Fw/V)
P V = n R TQ = m c TCircle Area, Ac = r2 . Cylinder Volume = Vc = Ac l = r2 l

A formula is a relationship among dimensions. The symbols for the dimensions in the formula list are in the dimension list. Note the capitalization or lack of it in the symbols, for instance, V = volume and v = velocity; C = concentration and c = specific heat, etc. Also, there are some letters written after and slightly under a symbol called a subscript. Subscripts indicate a special case of the symbol, as you see above with the area of a circle being represented by the A for area and a subscript c for circle.

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