Division with Decimals

Another type of division you’ll encounter is division with decimals in both the divisor and the dividend. It might look something like this:

In this situation, you move the decimal place the number of spaces in the divisor until the decimal is at the end of the number; you move the decimal the same number of spaces in the dividend: this does NOT necessarily mean the decimal will land at the end of the dividend. Here’s an example:

Your new problem looks like this (note the change in decimal places in both the divisor and dividend):

Now you continue to work the problem out, remembering to bring your decimal up into your quotient at the appropriate time (it will be in red in the diagram).

Thus, your final answer is simply 16.

Let’s try one more example of moving the decimal over in order to solve the problem.


After the decimals are moved, it looks like this:

After you move the decimals, continue the problem, like this:

Thus, your final answer is 6.25.

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