Determining x and y Intercepts From a Graph Worksheet

For problems 1 through 10, find the y intercept of the line. For problems 11 through 20, find the x intercept of the line.

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Answer: 1


  1. Equation: 
  2. Equation: 
  3. Equation: 
  4. Equation: 
  5. Equation: 
  6. Equation: 
  7. Equation: 
  8. Equation: 
  9. Equation: 
  10. Equation: 
  11. Equation: 
  12. Equation: 
  13. Equation: 
  14. Equation: 
  15. Equation: 
  16. Equation: 
  17. Equation: 
  18. Equation: 
  19. Equation: 
  20. Equation: 
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