Algebra Study Tips

In the past, many visitors have requested general help with algebra.  It is difficult to recommend better methods for studying and for learning because the best methods vary from person to person.  Instead, we have provided several ideas which can be the foundation to a good study program.

Copy notes or examples your teacher gives you. Consider copying examples and notes from another student after class if you feel that you learn better by focusing on the presentation.
Pay attention regardless of whether you are comfortable with the current topic; your teacher may be showing some special details which are necessary to do well.
Never cheat on a homework assignment, regardless of how easy or how complicated the assignment is.  Homework is an excellent method of studying and it is assigned for a reason.  It is easy to forget a memorized solution, but it is much harder to forget a process for finding a solution which you have applied several times.
Redo problems from tests and homework assignments, particularly ones that you got wrong or have trouble understanding.   Remember that you must crawl before you can walk.  Similarly, you must have a good handle on the basics of algebra before you can master the advanced concepts.
Get help from parents.  Parent involvement is very important to the success of many individuals.  If you are a parent who has never learned or who does not remember algebra, try learning the basics with a book, online tutorials, or from your children.  Reviewing the basics will put you at a level of understanding nearer to your child -- then you can learn advanced concepts alongside each another.


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