Cuban Missile Crisis: October 23, 1962 – part 2

Speaker: John F Kennedy
Delivered On: 10/23/1962
Place: Washington, D.C.
Subject: Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962. United
States — Foreign relations — Soviet Union.
Audio/Video Available:

Description: See resource for
October 18, 1962
for brief description of the Cuban Missile crisis and previous
clips in this series for timeline events up to this date.
Summary of conversation:

Tape 34.1A-34.2, October 23, time unknown: Discussion of diplomatic efforts at the
UN and the vote by the Organization of American States:

Discussion about possible Soviet responses to the quarantine especially in Berlin.
President told that at a minimum the Russians will inspect our truck convoys more
closely. JFK quickly concludes that “we ought to accept that” because “I don’t think
we’re in very good shape there” to fight over whether they inspect our trucks. [4:22]

After word is received of the OAS vote to support the blockade, Secretary of State
Dean Rusk says: “My God…I think it was very significant that we were here this
morning. We passed the one contingency-an immediate, sudden, irrational [nuclear]
strike [by the USSR].” [14:32]

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