Punctuation Lessons & Help

Want to learn more about how to appropriately end your sentences? Have you ever thought you may be using too many commas? Read through our short but thorough section on how to correctly use those pesky punctuation marks! Still confused? Feel free to contact one of our English tutors.

Apostrophe Usage

Do you know the difference in meaning between student’s and students’ work? If not, read our lesson on apostrophes to find out all about possession, ownership, and the difference between apostrophes used in contractions versus apostrophes used in possessives.

Comma Usage

One of the primary rules of commas: never use one after a conjunction. Read this lesson for more information about using commas in a series, using commas with certain adjectives, and any other way you can think of to use a comma!

Period Usage

Periods end imperative and declarative sentences. This lesson not only gives examples of proper punctuation with periods, but also provides tips on how to make declarative sentences more interesting to read!

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