Grammar Lessons & Help

We get it. Sometimes grammar just doesn’t come naturally. There are a ton of rules to remember, and on top of the rules, there are exceptions to those rules! We created this section to help you sort out what’s what – everything from types of sentences to whether you should use which or that. If you’re looking for more basic definitions of the parts of speech, like the definitions of adjectives or adverbs, you can find those in our ESL help section. Our English tutors are also standing by to give you one-on-one assistance.

Direct and Indirect Objects

Direct objects directly receive the action of the verb in a sentence, while indirect objects indirectly receive the action of the verb. Need it broken down further? Read this lesson so you won’t be confused again.

Commonly Mistaken Homonyms

Need a quick reminder of the difference between “you’re” and “your”? How about an explanation of “they’re, their and there”? In our homonyms lesson, you’ll learn how to use the correct form of a word, even if it sounds the same as another word!

When to Use Effect and Affect

Both “affect” and “effect” can be used as nouns and verbs. So how do you tell them apart? This lesson explains the differences in meaning between affect and effect, so that you can use each word properly in the future.

When to Use Lay and Lie

Did you lay down or lie down? Did you lay the book next to the pencil, or did you lie the book next to the pencil? If you’re second guessing the usage of “lay” and “lie,” then this lesson is for you!

Citing Resources Using MLA Format

MLA is a common citation format in all levels of education. This lesson explains the most common types of MLA citation: citing books with one author, citing books with editors, and citing Internet sources.

Subject and Predicate

Learn how to divide a sentence into a subject and a predicate in mere minutes! This lesson also covers the concept of the “understood you” and why “there” is never the subject. Read all the way to the end of the lesson for a reminder on how important subject/verb agreement is!

Types of Sentences

There are four types of sentences: exclammatory, interrogative, declarative, and imperative. Do you know the difference between each type, and how to punctuate them? If you’re unsure, read this lesson for help!

Verb Tenses

Read this lesson for a brief rundown on how to conjugate and use different verb tenses. By the time you get through this lesson, you’ll know more than you ever thought possible about different verb tenses!

When to Use Which and That

When speaking to friends, it might not matter if you use “which” and “that” correctly. However, when writing for school or other purposes, you must use both “which” and “that” properly! Read this lesson for help on distinguishing the meaning between these two often confused words.

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