Cross-Reference Groups: ta-ux

From time to time, new units are added to this Cross-reference group that have been “completed”; that is, with as many definitions as can be found or with a significant number of examples.

tacho-, tach-, tachy- (Greek: fast, speed, swift, rapid).

tacit-, taci-, tace- (Latin: silent, silence; unspoken; quiet).

talo-, tal- (Latin: the ankle, anklebone).

tapho-, taph-, -taphia (Greek: burial, grave; tomb; funeral).

tarax-, tarac- (Greek > Latin: disturbed; confusion, disturbance, trouble).

techno-, techn-, tect-, -technic[s], -technique, -technology, -technical, -technically (Greek: art, skill, craft; techne, art, skill, craft; tekton, “builder”).

telluri-, tellur- (Latin: earth).

tempo-, tempor- (Latin: time, occasion).

tendo-, tend-, ten-, tens-, tent-, ton-, -tend, -tension, -tend, -tent, -tense, -tensive, -tentious (Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; to stretch, hold out; tension).

tera- [TE ruh] (Greek: “monster, marvel”; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements).

terato-, terata-, terat-, tera- (Greek > Latin: marvel, omen, monster; malformation).

terri- (Latin: frightful; literally, causing terror).

tessara-, tessera- (Greek > Latin: four; cube; Latin, password).

testi-, test- (Latin: a witness, one who stands by; testicle, one of the two oval male gonads supported in the scrotum by its tissues and suspended by the spermatic cord).

thalasso-, thalass-, thalassi-, thalassio-, thalatto-, thalatt- (Greek: sea).

thanato-, thanat-, thanas-, -thanasia, -thanasic (Greek: death, dead).

thaumato-, thaumat- (Greek: wonder, wondrous thing; miracle; a thing to look at; sight spectacle).

thely- (Greek: feminine, female, females; daughter, daughters).

theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic (Greek: God, god, deity, divine).

theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic (Greek [theorein, theoria]; Latin [theoria]: looking at, contemplation, speculation; viewing).

therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist (Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, a waiting on).

therio-, theri-, thero-, ther-, -there, -therium, -theria, -theridae, -therian, -therioid, -theroid (Greek: animal, wild beast, wild animal).

thermo-, therm-, thermi-, -thermia, -therm, -thermal, -thermic, -thermous, -thermy (Greek: heat, hot, warm).

thesaur- (Greek > Latin: treasure, treasury, storehouse, chest; a treasury of words).

threpso-, threps- (Greek: nutrition, nourishment).

thygatro-, thygatr-, thygatri-, thygater- (Greek: daughter).

tigri-, tigr-, tiger (Greek > Latin > Old French: swift animal).

tonitro-, tonitru- (Latin: thunder).

trachelo-, trachel- (Greek: neck, throat, cervix).

tracheo-, trache- (Greek: windpipe; originally, “rough” artery).

trepid- (Latin: agitated, alarmed, restless, anxious, solicitous; consternation).

tri- (Greek > Latin: three, thrice, threefold; a number used as a prefix).

tribo-, trib- (Greek: friction, rub, rubbing, grind, wear away; spend, waste time; be busy).

trit- (Latin: tritus, past participle of terere, to rub; thresh, grind; to wear away).

typho-, typh-, -typhoidal, -typhus, -typhic (Greek: to smoke, smoke, mist, vapor, cloud, fog; in medicine, fever accompanied by stupor or a clouding of the mind resulting from a fever).

ubi- (Latin: where).

ultim- (Latin: end, last, final).

umbra-, umbro-, umbr-, umbel- (Latin: shade, shadow).

uxor- (Latin: wife; spouse [female]).

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