Cross-Reference Groups: qu-sy

From time to time, new units are added to this Cross-reference group that have been “completed”; that is, with as many definitions as can be found or with a significant number of examples.
quant- (Latin: how much; as much as, how many; amount).

quas- (Latin: to make void, annul; originally from the Latin meaning of, “to shake violently, to shatter”).

quasi- (Latin: as if, as it were, as though; somewhat like, resembling, seemingly).

quir-, quisit-, quis-, que-, quer-, quest-, -quirement, -quirable, -quisition, -quisitive (Latin: ask, seek).

rami-, ram- (Latin: branch).

rani-, ran- (Latin: frog).

rhem- (Greek: a thing said; word; term).

rhigo-, rhig- (Greek: cold, frost; shiver).

robor-, rob- (Latin: strengthening; to strengthen, invigorate; strength).

sal-, sali- (Latin: salt).

sanct- (Latin: sacred, holy).

sapo-, sap-, sapon-, saponi- (Latin: soap).

sarmasso-, sarmass- (Greek [sarx, flesh plus massein, to knead, to massage; methodical pressure]: love play, sexual foreplay with a woman; “necking ”).

satyr- (Greek > Latin: a woodland deity, part man and part goat; riotous merriment and lechery). and many dinosaur names

sauro-, saur-, -saurus, -saurid, -saur, -sauria, -saurian (Greek: lizard).

scintill- (Latin: light, shine, spark, sparkle, twinkle).

scintill- (Latin: light, shine, spark, sparkle, twinkle).

scorbuti-, scorbut- (Latin: pertaining to, or having scurvy [a disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C in the body, characterized by weakness, anemia, spongy gums, bleeding from the mucous membranes, etc.]).

scrib-, script-, -scribe, -scription, -scriptive (Latin: write, record).

scroto-, scrot- (Latin: the pouch that holds the testes; a purse; probably a variant of scortum, a skin, hide, or of scrautum; a leather bag for holding arrows; akin to scrupus, a sharp stone).

sebo-, seb-, sebi- (Latin: tallow, suet, fat, fatty; grease; oily; by extension, “pertaining to a suetlike secretion of the body”).

seismo-, seism-, -seism, -seisms, -seisma, -seismically, -seismical, -seismal, -seismic (Greek: shake, earthquake [move to and fro’; to shake, move violently]).

sen-, sene-, seni-, sir- (Latin: old age, old, elder).

senso-, sens-, sensi-, sensori-, sent- (Latin: feeling, sensation, perception through the senses, to be aware, awareness, to discern with the senses).

sequest-, sequestr- (Latin: to give up for safe keeping; a depository, trustee; to shut up illegally).

serra-, serri-, serr- (Latin: saw, saw-tooth).

serv- (Latin: to be a slave, to serve; slave).

serv- (Latin: safe; to save, saved, preserved; from servare).

sesqui- (Latin: one and a half; normally used as a prefix; from Latin, semis “half” + que “and”).

sheol (Hebrew: the grave; hell; pit).

sodom- (Hebrew > Greek > Latin: inhabitant of Sodom).

sola-, sol- (Latin: to comfort, to encourage, to cheer).

soli-, sol- (Latin: one, alone, only).

somni-, somno-, somn-, -somnia, -somniac (Latin: sleep; dream).

sorb-, sorpt- (Latin: to suck in).

soror-, sorori-, soro- (Latin: sister [family member]).

soror-, sorori-, soro- (Latin: sister [family member]).

sphinctero-, sphincter- (Greek > Latin: that which binds tightly, press together; band, lace; hence, muscle that closes an aperture of the body; a ringlike band of muscle fibers that constricts a passage or closes a natural orifice).

sphagno-, sphagni-, sphagn- (Greek: moss).

stalac-, stalag- (Greek > Latin: dropping, dripping; trickling; to drip, to drop, to trickle).

stauro-, staur- (Greek: upright stake; hence, “rood, cross”; cross-shaped, crosslike, crossed).

steato-, steat- (Greek: fat; suet, tallow).

steato-, steat- (Greek: fat; suet, tallow).

stegano- (Greek: covered, to cover).

stele-, stel-, -stele, -stelic (Greek: an inscribed stone slab; a block of stone, gravestone; column, pillar).

stratio-, strati-, strato-, strat- stratus (Latin: horizontal layer; “stretched, spread out”; layer, cloud layer).

strato- (Greek: army).

stygeo-, styge-, stygio, stygi-, stygo-, styg- (Greek: hate, hating, hated, hateful; abhor, abhorrence; loathsome, loathing).

sucho-, -suchus (Greek: crocodile [Egyptian name for crocodile]).

suffoco-, suffoc- (Latin: choke, stifle, strangle).

syco- (Greek > Latin: fig).

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