Cross-Reference Groups: na-oz

From time to time, new units are added to this Cross-reference group that have been “completed”; that is, with as many definitions as can be found or with a significant number of examples.

narco-, narc-, -narcotic, narcotico-, -narcosis, -narcoticism (Greek: numbness, dullness; sleep, stupor, torpor; benumb, deaden).

nata- (Latin: to swim, swimming; floating).

nebula-, nebul- (Latin: mist, fog, cloud, smoke).

neci-, nici- (Latin: death, kill, deadly, murderous, destructive).

necro-, necr-, necron-, -necrosis, nekro- (Greek: dead, death, dead body, dead tissue, corpse).

nephal- (Greek: soberness, sober; drink no wine).

nephelo-, nephel-, nepho- neph- (Greek: cloud, clouds, cloudiness).

nepot-, nepo- (Latin: nephew; grandson, grandchild; descendant [family member]; nepotism, et al.).

neusto-, neust-, -neuston, -neustonic (Greek: swim, float).

Nike (Greek: goddess of victory in Greek mythology; literally, victory).

nisus (Latin: from niti, to strive, to endeavor; effort, endeavor).

nivi-, niv-, nivos- (Latin: snow, snowy, snowiness).

noci-, noc- (Latin: to injure; injury, trauma; a noxious or deleterious agent or influence).

nocti-, noct-, nox (Latin: night).

nom-, nomen-, nomin-, -nomia, -nomic (Latin: name).

nomo-, nom- (Greek: a meadow; a pasture; an abode; a place for eating).

noso-, nos-, nosero-, noser-, -nosia, -nosis, nosema- (Greek: disease, sickness).

nosto-, nost- (Greek: return home).

notho-, noth- (Greek: spurious, bastard, false, mongrel; masculine, illegitimate child).

nudo-, nudi- (Latin: naked, uncovered).

numbers (Greek: Greek numerals, cardinals followed by ordinals).

numbers (Latin: Roman numerals, cardinals followed by ordinals).

nycti-, nyct-, nycto-, nyc- (Greek: night).

obeso-, obes- (Latin: fat, corpulent).

odium, odious (Latin: hatred, hateful, hate; bitterness; disgusting; offensive; opprobrium; annoyance).

odori-, odoro- (Latin: smell [noun form]).

oleo-, ole-, -oleic, ol- (Greek > Latin: [olive] oil; fat).

omento-, oment- (Latin: fat, adipose tissue; and by extension, caul, intestines).

-onym, -onymy, -onymic, -onymically, -onymous, -onymously, -nym (Greek: used as a suffix; name).

opsi-, ops- (Greek: late, later).

opsino-, opso-, opsoni- (Greek: boiled meat).

opsono-, opson-, -opsony (Greek: to buy food; to purchase provisions, such as food).

orc-, orca- (Greek > Latin: a kind of whale; large sea creature).

orchido-, orchid-, orchio-, orchi-, -orchium (Greek > Latin: testes; testicles).

organo-, organ- (Greek: an organized structure; pertaining to a specific bodily part with a specific function or set of functions; instrument, tool, implement).

oscheo-, osche- (Greek: scrotum; a combining form denoting relationship to the scrotum).

-ose (-iose)., -osic, -osity, -osely (Greek: a suffix; sweet wine).

osphresio-, osphresi- (Greek: to smell; pertaining to odor or to the sense of smell).

oxy-, -oxia, -oxic (Greek: sharp, pointed, keen; acidic, pungent).

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