Cross-Reference Groups: da-fy

From time to time, new units are added to this Cross-reference
group that have been “completed”; that is, with as many definitions
as can be found or with a significant number of examples.

decibels (Latin: “ten” plus “bel” [Alexander Graham Bell];
a list of decibel levels and the examples that show the various decibel scales).

decor– (Latin: proper, dignified, fitting, seemly; ornament, dignity).

dei-, div– (Latin: God, god [deity, divine nature]).

deipno-, deipn– (Greek: dinner; dining).

delo-, del– (Greek: visible, clear, clearly seen; obvious).

demo-, dem-, demio-, demic, –deme, –demically
(Greek: people).

dendro-, dendr-, dendri-, dendria, –dendrite,
dendritic, –dendra, –dendron (Greek: tree, tree-like structure).

discip– (Latin: discipulus, pupil, apprentice).

diverticul– (Latin: [from di-, “apart” and vertere,
“to turn”] by-road, digression, deviation; to turn away, go in different

domo-, dom-, domato-, domat– (Greek > Latin: house,
home [“master, lord” of the house]).

dorm-, dormi– (Latin: sleep, sleeping).

doul-, dulo-, dul– (Greek: slave, servile, slavish; servitude;

dox-, dog-, dogma-, dogmato– (Greek: believe, belief;
that which is thought to be true; opinion, doctrine, decree; praise; confidence).

drama– (Greek > Late Latin: to do, to accomplish).

dryo-, dry– (Greek: oak tree; by extension, “tree”).

dys– (Greek: bad, harsh, wrong; ill; hard to, difficult at; slow of; disordered;
primarily used as a prefix).

ebulli– (Latin: to bubble, to bubble up; to boil).

eco-, oeco-, oec-, oiko-, oik– (Greek: house,
household affairs [environment, habitat], home, dwelling; used in one extensive
sense as, “environment”).

eido-, eid; ido-, id– (Greek: image, figure, form,
shape; literally, “that which is seen”).

epano-, epan– (Greek: again; occurring in some rhetorical terms).

eremo-, erem-, eremi– (Greek: lonely, solitary; hermit; desert).

eremo-, erem-, eremi– (Greek: lonely, solitary; hermit; desert).

eroto-, erot-, ero-, eros (Greek: love [more of a sexual
love]; sexual passion or desire).

eschato-, eschat– (Greek: last, furthest, remotest, outermost).

esis (Latin: process of action).

esth-, aesth-, esthe-, aesthe-, esthesio-, aesthesio-, esthesia-, -aesthesia, -esthetic,
-aesthetic, -esthetical, -aesthetical, -esthetically, -aesthetically
feeling, sensation, perception).

estiv-, aestiv– (Latin: pertaining to summer; heat).

eunuch (Greek > Latin: literally, guardian of the bed).

eureka! (Greek: “I have found!”).

exa– [EKS uh] (Greek: from hexa-, “six”; a decimal prefix
used in the international metric system for measurements).

eureka! (Greek: “I have found!”).

fa-, fam-, fan-, fat-, fess (Latin: talk,
speak, say, spoken about).

fascinat-, fascina– (Latin: to enchant, bewitch, charm).

fat-, fatal– (Latin: oracle, destiny; literally, that which is spoken;
to speak; to foretell).

faun-, fauni-, fauna-, –fauna (Latin: animal; a collective
name for the animals of a certain region or time).

fecund– (Latin: fruitful, fertile).

feli-, felin-, felino– (Latin: cat).

fid-, fidel– (Latin: believe, belief, trust, faith).

flocc-, floccu– (Latin: tuft or cluster, as of wool).

fluvio-, fluvi– (Latin: river, stream).

frater-, frat– (Latin: brother [family member]).

frica-, frict-, -frice (Latin: a rubbing, rub).

frigo-, frig– (Latin: cold, frost).

fumi-, fum– (Latin: smoke, vapor).

funct-, fungi– (Latin: to perform, execute, discharge; performance,
service, execution).

funi-, fun– (Latin: rope, cord).

furcat-, furca– (Latin: fork).

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