Cross-Reference Groups: ca-cy

From time to time, new units are added to this Cross-reference
group that have been “completed”; that is, with as many definitions
as can be found or with a significant number of examples.

calque [KALK] (Latin: calx, heel, to tread; through Italian and French:
an imitation, tracing).

capno-, capn-, capnod– (Greek: smoke; vapor; sooty
[extended meaning is carbon dioxide]).

carus (masculine), cara (feminine), carum (neuter) (Latin:
dearly, beloved, dear; high-priced, costly).

carpho– (Greek: straw, dry stock; from karphein, to wither, wrinkle,

castrat-, castra– (Latin: to cut, geld, spay; to remove the testicles
or ovaries of).

cathar-, cathart-, cathars– (Greek: to purge, to purify, or
to cleanse; purification; cleansing).

cautel– (Latin: caution; precaution; wary, careful, heedful).

caval– (Latin: horse [caballus, a horseman; by extension, a gentleman
serving as a lady’s escort. Also said to mean: “an inferior horse, a nag”]
> Italian [caballeria from caballo, “horse”] > French

celer– (Latin: fast, speed, swift, rapid).

cerauno-, kerauno– (Greek: thunderbolt, thunder, lightning [literally,
“smasher, crusher”]).

cern-, –cret– (Latin: separate, sift, distinguish, understand, decide;
separated, set apart).

chalco-, chalc– (Greek: copper; brass).

chemo-, chem-, chemico-, chemi- (Arabic > Greek > Latin: the art of combining
base metals [to make gold]; from Greek, chemia, “Egypt”, supposedly where
the art of changing metals into gold existed).

chiasto-, chiasm– (Greek: crossed, laid crosswise [from ciazein
to make in the shape of the Greek letter X, chi, the 22nd letter of the Greek

choro-, chor– (Greek: place, space, land; country, district).

-cide, -cides, -cidal (Latin: a suffix; kill, killer; murder, to cause death,
slayer; cutter; “to cut down”).

clado-, clad– (Greek klados: shoot, young branch; branch; twig).

clam– [cla-] clamat-, claim– (Latin: talk, call out,
speak, say; shout).

clino-, clin-, clinal, –cline, –clinic
(Greek: bed; slope, slant; lean, leaning).

clono-, clon-, –cloner, –clonal, –clonally (Greek:
twig; later, in modern usage: “exact duplicate, carbon copy, replica”).

cole, –coles, –colid, –coline, –colous (Latin:
a suffix; to inhabit, to live in, on, or among; to dwell; living among, dwelling

coma (Greek: a deep, sound sleep, lethargy, trance without sleep).

costo-, cost-, costi– (Latin: rib, ribs; side; coast).

crat, –cracy, –cratic, –cratism, –cratically,
cracies (Greek: a suffix; govern, rule; strength, power).

cred-, credit-, creed– (Latin: believe, belief, faith, confidence,

cris-, crit-, cri– (Greek: a separating, putting apart; a decision;
to judge).

crist– (Latin: crest).

croustico-, crousto-, crusto-, croust-, crust-,
kroustico-, krousto-, kroust-, krust– (Greek: to stretch;
stretch out; to beat, strike).

crymo-, crym-, krymo-, krym– (Greek: cold, frost, chill).

cryo-, cry-, kryo-, kry– (Greek: cold, freezing).

crypto-, crypt– (Greek: hidden, secret).

cyber– (Greek: steersman, pilot, helmsman; to steer, guide, govern, governor).

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