An Excess of Phobias and Manias, O-Z

Ombrophobia/pluviophobia: Fear of rain.

onychotillomania: A tendency to pick at (or pull out) one’s finger, or toe,

oophoromania, oothecomania, ovariomania: A psychosis associated with ovarian

ophidiomania: An excessive interest in snakes or other reptiles including
observing them, studying them, and having them as pets.

ophidiophobia, ophiciophobia, ophiophobia: An
excessive terror of snakes and other reptiles.

ophresiophobia, osphresiophobia: An excessive fear of odors.

ophthalmophobia: An abnormal fear of being stared at.

opiomania: Excessive craving for opium or opiates in general.

: The fear of learning

opsomania: 1. A morbid desire for some particular food or sweets. 2. A longing
for a particular article of diet or for highly seasoned food.

Pyrexeophobia/pyrexiophobia: An excessive fear
of having a fever probably because of its relation to some illness.

Pyromania: Insanity characterized by an impulse to set things on fire; a
mania for incendiarism.

Statistics show there are three ages when men misbehave:

young, old, and middle.


There’s nothing consistent about human behavior

except its tendency to drift toward evil.


When adults behave like children, we call them juvenile;

when children behave like adults, we call them delinquents.


Pyrophobia: 1. An intense fear of fire, watching fires, or that one will
start fires. 2. In biology, intolerant of the soil conditions produced by fire;
a reference to a plant that is unable to re-establish itself following a fire.

Radiophobia: An excessive fear of x-rays.

Siderodromophobia: Fear of railroads and/or trains.

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