An Excess of Phobias and Manias, L-N

laliophobia, lalophobia: A terror of talking (or of stuttering when trying
to talk). An individual’s speech difficulty may be aggravated by situations that
arise from anxieties or fears of self-consciousness.

For example, “Larry, this is Fattie—I mean Hattie.”

What we have here is known in Latin as lapsus linguae or a “slip of
the tongue”.

: A compulsion or abnormal desire to talk excessively.

macromania: A mania characterized by the belief that objects are much larger
than they really are

: An intense panic about the possibility of being robbed either at home or in public.

: A dread of butterflies.

lepraphobia, leprophobia
: An excessive dread of leprosy.

letheomania: An obsessive desire for, craving for, or fascination with narcotics.

levophobia, sinistrophobia
: The fear of the left (side)

: The fear of objects that are large, big

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