Vertigo – Before You Watch: Vocabulary

Match each of the following idioms and expressions with its equivalent meaning:

  1. A man of independent means
  2. To crack up
  3. Dizzy spells
  4. To lose (one’s) train of thought
  5. To drop out of sight
  6. Skid row
  7. It’s a cinch
  8. Hard-headed
  9. This isn’t my line
  10. To get mixed up in something

  1. To go crazy
  2. It’s really easy
  3. Stubborn
  4. To become involved in something which may be dangerous
  5. This is not my field of work
  6. Someone who has so much money that he doesn’t have to work.
  7. A poor area where desperate people live
  8. A repeated sensation that your head is spinning
  9. To disappear
  10. To forget what one was thinking
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