TOEFLesque Quiz – Cable TV in San Francisco

Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Choose the INCORRECT part of each sentence.

Many household in San Francisco pay for cable TV.

  1. household
  2. pay
  3. in
  4. for

Most people subscribe to a standard package, which includes a variety channels.

  1. Most people
  2. subscribe to
  3. which
  4. variety channels

Others pays additional fees for premium channels like HBO.

  1. pays
  2. fees
  3. for
  4. like HBO

Recently, San Francisco’s cable company has been beginning to offer digital cable.

  1. Recently
  2. San Francisco’s
  3. has been beginning
  4. to offer

With digital cable, subscribers pay extra fee for a package of expanded channels.

  1. With digital cable,
  2. subscribers
  3. pay extra fee
  4. of

Digital cable allows twelve channels to come through the same cable that previous supported only one.

  1. allows
  2. through
  3. previous
  4. one

Because the technology is fairly new, it is still relatively expensively.

  1. Because
  2. fairly new
  3. it
  4. expensively

Perhaps one day, all of San Francisco will be equipped in digital cable.

  1. Perhaps one day,
  2. all
  3. be equipped
  4. in
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