Idioms, Slang and Phrasal Verbs

Expressions with Books

Choose the phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part of each sentence.

I have a test tomorrow, so I have to go home and study.

  1. book a room
  2. check out a book
  3. hit the books

He is reading.

  1. has his nose in a book
  2. booked
  3. is trying every trick in the book

    I have to make a reservation to go to London.

    1. hit the books
    2. book a flight
    3. book a room

    Joe tried everything possible, but he still failed.

    1. every trick in the book
    2. checking out a book
    3. booking a flight

    Is the death penalty okay? No, it’s not okay with me.

    1. Check your books.
    2. The police should book him.
    3. Not in my book.

    After they broke the window, the kids ran away.

    1. hit the books
    2. booked
    3. booked a flight

    John might look a little strange, but he’s a terrific person. You can’t see this by just looking at him.

    1. You can’t judge a book by its cover.
    2. You shouldn’t take a leaf out of his book.
    3. Don’t book!

    I borrowed some books from the library.

    1. hit the books
    2. checked the books
    3. checked out a few books
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