Going to a Party: Say vs. Tell Click on the correct answer. 1 Karl ______ Ken about a party. A said B say C tell D told 2 He ______, "It should be a good party." A said B said him C tells D told 3 "I'd like to go to the party," Ken ________. A say B said C told D said him 4 Karl ________ to meet him at 10 o'clock. A told B said Ken C tells Ken D told Ken 5 He ______ they could take the bus. A said Ken B tells Ken C told D said 6 Ken ______ that 10 was too early. A said Karl B say C told Karl D says 7 Karl _______, "The bus is always late. We should leave early." A told B told Ken C said Ken D say 8 Okay," Ken _______, "we'll meet at 10. A say B said Karl C said D told
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