Phrasal Verbs with “Get”

Choose the correct answer.

1) Karl _______ the bus to go to the store.

  1. got on
  2. get on
  3. got up
  4. got over

He didn’t mind going to the store because he could ________ doing the dishes.

  1. get out of
  2. get out
  3. get off
  4. get over

When he _____ from the store, his girlfriend had finished doing the dishes.

  1. got by
  2. got with
  3. got in
  4. got back

She told him she couldn’t _____ the rest of the housework without his help.

  1. get through
  2. get over
  3. get on
  4. get off

Karl hated doing housework, but he wanted to ____ with her.

  1. get on
  2. get along
  3. get over
  4. get up

In addition, he realized he could _____ by just vacuuming. After that, he could read the newspaper.

  1. get by
  2. got by
  3. got in
  4. get up

After Karl vacuumed for a minute or two, he sat down and ____ reading the paper.

  1. got by
  2. got over
  3. getting in
  4. got into

Not hearing the vacuum cleaner, his girlfriend came into the room. Karl _____ immediately.

  1. got down
  2. got by
  3. got in
  4. got up
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