Use these phrases to fill in the blanks below:

ask Julia out

called her back

called her up

cheer himself up

drop in on

figure out

get over

get over

getting along

give up on

hung up

made up

pick her up

picked up

take her out

turned him down

Karl liked Julia. He wanted to __________, so he __________. The phone rang three times. Finally, Julia __________ the phone. Karl got really nervous and __________. Karl thought about how much he liked Julia. Five minutes later, he __________. Her voice was sexy. Karl offered to __________ at eight o’clock and __________ for dinner. He knew a great Italian restaurant on 16th Street. Julia already had a date, so she __________ an excuse. She said she had to stay in and wash her hair. Karl was really disappointed because she had __________.

Later that night, Karl decided to __________ his friend Karin. He needed help. He wanted to __________ what to do about Julia. He still really liked her and just couldn’t __________ her. Karin wasn’t home. He decided to __________ with a drink, so he walked down the street to the local bar. As he walked into the bar, he saw Julia with his friend Doug. They were sitting close to one another and laughing. They seemed to be __________ very well. Karl ran out of the bar before they saw him.

He decided to __________ Julia but it took two weeks to __________ the humiliation.

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